Teaching Skills Lessons – Page 2

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    Skills: longer reads

    Students who do a lot of extensive reading in English seem to make substantial progress. Here are some general ideas for starting to use longer texts.

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    Skills: graded readers

    Reading a novel is essentially a private, personal activity – but it can still provide useful classroom work . Here are some ideas for working with graded readers in class.

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    Skills: dictation for teaching English

    Traditional dictation - where the teacher reads a text aloud and the learners must write it down accurately - is often quite unpopular with learners. It can feel like an unfair test. Could we make it more enjoyable and useful?

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    Skills: Glorious gap-fills

    There seem to be an awful lot of gap-fill exercises in course books nowadays. And sometimes they can be rather dreary for students and teacher alike. Well, you could try some of these ideas.

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    Skills: the same old song

    Songs are a popular resource with teachers and learners alike – but, when it comes to exploiting them in class, why on earth does it always seem to be gap-fills? Here are a few alternative ideas.