This section contains useful suggestions for preparing teenagers for writing and grammar components in the exam.

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Grammar is of course being tested in all parts of any English exam, but specifically in a test like the Use of English in the Cambridge First Certificate.

It may be hard to break down the aspects of the exam to practise, but when practising these tests let students work in pairs or small groups, so they get a chance to discuss (in mother tongue is fine) why they think their answer is right and they can guide weaker students.

Here is a nice idea from Learning teaching by Jim Scrivener, Heinemann (an excellent book with lots of practical suggestions especially for teachers who are new to the profession):  

A ‘teacherless’ lesson: give the students the chalk or board pens and they discuss and work through an exam paper together on the board. The teacher only looks at (and marks) the board when they have completely finished.

There are of course fun ways of practising and revising grammar, like these activities:

    1. Spot the difference
      This is a good review of the difference between simple past and present perfect tenses.


  1. The word order game
    Students can make each other exercises like this, too.

You can download these activities from the related articles below.

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