Support for Teaching Games

  • Photo of a Weather forecast or a meteorologist


    Olha Madylus offers a selection of teaching ideas and activities on the theme of weather.

  • PLMARS17094

    First Day: Name games

    If it’s the first time the class meets learners will need a chance to get to know reach other and learn each other’s names. Here are a few unusual games to try.

  • Photo of children playing a board game.

    Imaginative materials: board games for teaching English

    Learners are often familiar with popular board games. Inventing new games (or adapting familiar games) can often produce materials that motivate students to talk and practise language.

  • Photo of children trying to  solve a puzzle.

    Imaginative materials: treasure hunting

    How could you create an exciting treasure hunt puzzle for your students? Here are ideas for two kinds of game – a basic chain of clues and letterboxing.

  • Photo of children having a party.

    Imaginative materials: teaching with party games

    In many parts of the world the end of the year is the season for parties. And in class, the last lesson of the year often has a party atmosphere. So, to help things go with a swing, here are three classic party games adapted to be a little more ...