Are you a teacher with an anecdote to share? Then the Macmillan Dictionary Blog would love to hear from you!

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Macmillan Dictionary Blog is running a series called Stories behind Words. In this series, we’re asking teachers to share a personal anecdote about a word (or phrase) that means something to them. So, if there’s a word that has changed or shaped your life in some way or another, do please get in touch! Recent contributions include stories about the words: thrice, South African, home, avoska and many others.

Your story should be between 200-300 words, and we’d also like a couple of sentences about yourself to tell us who you are and what keeps you busy. To enter your story, and for more information, please get in touch.

Also, if you’re looking for some inspiring words to help you along the way, take a look at the Macmillan Dictionary resources section of onestopenglish where you’ll find plenty of BuzzWord lesson plans on some of our favourite new words.