Speaking Matters

  • Photo of students working specifically in pairs in a classroom.

    Speaking matters: Pairwork

    Adrian Tennant gives an introduction to using pairwork for teaching speaking skills.

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    Speaking matters: Developing fluency

    Adrian Tennant presents an article covering various aspects of teaching fluency in speaking, including sections on what is meant by fluency, why students find fluency difficult and the role of the teacher in fluency activities.

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    Speaking matters: Developing and dealing with accuracy

    Adrian Tennant presents an article covering what we mean by accuracy and how it can be developed effectively. The article rounds off with some practical ideas for the classroom.

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    Speaking matters: Assessing speaking

    Adrian Tennant talks about how and when to assess speaking in the classroom, and provides some practical ideas for setting up assessment activities.

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    Speaking matters: Personalization

    This article looks at personalization of speaking activities and how, by getting students to personalize things, it helps them learn more effectively.

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    Speaking matters: Problem-solving

    This article looks at problem-solving activities and what they are like. It covers how to set them up, why it's good to use them, the disadvantages and what you should do after the activity.

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    Speaking matters: Role-play

    In this article we look at role-play. The article discusses why, when and how to use role-play in your classes. The article rounds off with examples of role-plays as well as a link to another article.