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News and views

  • Native vs. non-native teachers
  • Brexit and its effects on ELT

Warmer of the month

Step 1: Choose two pictures with a related theme.
Step 2: Put students into pairs (As & Bs).
Step 3: Ask As to close their eyes and show Bs picture 1.
Step 4: Ask Bs to close their eyes and show As picture 2.
Step 5: Tell pairs to describe their pictures to each other and discuss how they are linked.
Step 6: Feedback as class, clarifying any new language.

Word of the month

Formal Learning– Officially recognised certification (e.g. - CELTA, DELTA, etc.)
Non-formal Learning– Training organised through your workplace
Informal Learning– Self-reflective teaching practice (e.g. - keeping a teacher’s diary)


Mike Riley, Macmillan’s Teacher Engagement Manager, discusses the shifting perceptions of the ELT teacher.

Teacher’s dilemma

Your school has a policy that any student arriving more than ten minutes late for class won’t be allowed in. However, three or four students in your class consistently turn up late. When you tell them they can’t come in, they get really angry.

What should you do?


  1. “How can I help my students with collocations? Should they only be taught at advanced level?”
  2. “How I’ve got a great idea for a lesson that I want to get published. Can I send it to you?” (see Lesson share)
  3. “If you could teach anywhere in the world, where would you teach and why?”


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