A practical CLIL dictionary containing key subject vocabulary, interactive illustrations and study skills material.

Screenshot of Macmillan Dictionary search box

The Macmillan School Dictionary is a fantastic resource for teachers and students who are teaching and studying a wide range of subjects through the medium of English. It explains the specific vocabulary needed for successful study in any of the key school subjects. Words can be searched for alphabetically or by topic and definitions are written using a vocabulary of 3,000 words that are easy to understand.


A page from the Macmillan School Dictionary Web site: diagram of a plant cell

Over 35 interactive pictures and diagrams can be used to help students learn and practise vocabulary. All illustrations are available with and without labels.  

Study Skills

Provides hints and tips for helping students to plan, prepare and present their work. The areas covered are:

  • Dealing with Data
  • Experiments and Projects
  • Capital Letters and Punctuation
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Revision and Examination Skills