Stop the presses! Macmillan will no longer produce a print version of the dictionary and from next year will make the Macmillan Dictionary available as an online version only.

Macmillan Online Dictionary banner

Macmillan Dictionary Online, which will be replacing the print edition, provides an English dictionary and thesaurus, as well as a popular blog and weekly ‘Buzzword’ column on newly-emerging words and the crowd-sourced ‘Open Dictionary.

Macmillan Dictionaries Editor-in-Chief Michael Rundell said:

Dictionaries have found their ideal medium. The traditional book format is very limiting for any kind of reference work. Books are out of date as soon as they’re printed … There is so much more we can do for our users in digital media.”

For more information please visit Michael’s blog post.

As Stephen Bullon, Macmillan Education’s Publisher for Dictionaries, said, “the future of the dictionary is digital”.