This game is a good way of revising vocabulary from the previous lesson.


  • Divide the class into three of four teams. 
  • Place a chair facing each team. 
  • One member from each team should now sit in the chair with their back to the whiteboard. 
  • The teacher then writes a word on the whiteboard and the other members of the team help the team member sitting in the chair to guess it. They cannot mention the word but they can give synonyms, define its meaning, give an example of where it might be used, mime it, or even give a rhyming word. 
  • The first of the students sitting on the chair to guess the word earns a point for their team. 
  • Then the next set of students come to the front of the class, the teacher writes up a new word and the process is repeated for as long as seems appropriate and useful. 

This can get very competitive and noisy so you may need to take action to limit the noise.

Tip: prepare the list of words beforehand and check that they are possible to explain or illustrate.