This activity is an excellent way to revise vocabulary or build up a new lexical set.



  • On the white board put up six numbered categories, e.g. 1=something to eat, 2=something to wear, etc. and a list of the alphabet with a number beside each letter, e.g.. A-3, B-1, C-5 and so on. 
  • Students then race in pairs or groups to complete the list with an example for each. 
  • The categories can obviously vary each time you play and may be used for revision or general vocabulary knowledge. 
  • You can also limit the number of categories and letters from the alphabet according to your needs. 
  • For extra fun (and noise) answers could be shouted out between two (or more) teams, or quietly brainstormed in small groups and presented at the end of the time limit set. 

Have fun!