This activity can be used for any level, any age and any aspect of grammar, depending on the focus at any given time.


  • A list of questions written according to the level of the class and grammar focus, (e.g. spellings; name an adjective; give a sentence in the present continuous, etc.)
  • A ball
  • A bucket or box


  1. Split the class into groups.
  2. Give the groups names or numbers and put these on the board.
  3. Tell the class that it is a competition, each group competing against the others.
  4. The teacher asks a question to each group in turn. If they get the answer right, they get one point. They then have to throw the ball into the bucket or box. If they get the ball into the container, they get another point.

Asking straight questions can be boring but adding the concept of scoring with the ball adds another dimension which can be very entertaining and amusing. Additionally, of course, if a group answers a question incorrectly, they can still score with the ball, and if a particular group is quite accurate with the questions, they could lose the second part of the activity.