A fun team warmer using the word 'underneath'.


  • On A5 pieces of paper, write the letters to spell 'underneath'.
  • Divide the class into two teams and they stand side-by-side with their team mates and opposite the other team.
  • Give each team a set of 10 letters (though shuffled so they don't obviously spell 'underneath'). You could also assign one or two letters to each student to hold for smaller classes.
  • As the teacher says a word, students must choose the letters to spell that word and move themselves around accordingly so they are holding the complete word and the teacher can read it. The first team to achieve this wins the point.
  • You can continue this for as long as you like but at the end tell the teams that there is one word using all the letters. The first team to spell the word gains another five bonus points - great if the points are almost the same.

Word list

thunder, thread, read, dear, dare, than, then, near, three, tread, dart, under, hand, hated, hunted, hunter, hate, eaten, heated, heater