A simple and very fun game that warms students up and encourages creativity and correct spelling.


Resources: A soft ball or a toy suitable for throwing.


  1. Students sit in a circle. Student 1 throws a ball to student 2 and says the first letter of a word (he/she should not say the word aloud - only the first letter).
  2. Student 2 catches the ball and thinks of a word beginning with the same letter chosen by student 1. Student 2 says the second letter of their chosen word aloud, but not the word.
  3. The procedure continues until a complete word has been spelt out. The last student to add a letter says 'complete word'.

S1 – E (English)
S2 – A (easy)
S3 – R (earn)

Note: Stress that students must always think of a complete word when adding a letter, not only add any letter at random. Ask them to write the word they’re thinking of to avoid cheating.