A team game to practise spelling.

This is a very simple spelling game I play with my students as a warmer. It works with any level and any size group.


  • Choose words you want the students to revise or ones they have got incorrect in the past.
  • Divide them into pairs and explain to them that they are going to play a spelling game.
  • The first team (Let’s called it team ‘A’) will be asked to spell a word which they can either ‘have a go at’ or pass to another team. If they spell it correctly themselves, they get the point. If they get it incorrect, they get no points. If they pass it to another team (Let’s called that team ‘B’) and they get it correct, then team B gets the point. If they pass it and team B get it incorrect then team A get the point.
  • This continues until all the words have been spelt and there is a winner.

I get all the teams to try and spell the word on paper in case they are chosen by the selected team to spell.

At the end of the game my class then choose ten of the words they, as a group, got incorrect and learn them for next week when they get tested on them.