Learners have to find the connection that links words together in this pre-reading exercise.


Choose a set of lexical items that have something in common and that are going to crop up in the lesson: in the coursebook unit, in a reading or listening passage, in a discussion, etc.

You could choose a mixture of items that are known (though perhaps not in connection with the topic of the lesson) and some that are probably unknown. The learners' task is to suggest a possible connection between the items.

Example 1

  • vintage
  • dry
  • good value
  • serve
  • French
  • goes with
  • pricey
  • cellar
  • full-bodied
  • supermarket
  • red

(Solution: all connected with the topic of wine)

Example 2

  • concerto
  • viola
  • piano
  • cantata
  • allegro
  • orchestral
  • romantic
  • percussion
  • soprano

(Solution: all connected with music - Yes, but what else? - all have three syllables with the stress on the second syllable