A fun warmer where students create an art gallery on the board.


Cannibalizing warmers: Art gallery

'Cannibalizing' is an idea that comes from The Recipe Book, an excellent Pilgrims resource book edited by Seth Linstromberg. In the first section of the book, Tessa Woodward suggests cannibalizing language learning exercises. By this she means taking parts of different activities and switching them around to create new activities. This warmer was created using this idea.


  • Draw four large rectangles on the board, giving each one a 'frame'.
  • Call on one student to come to the board, and tell they they have 60 seconds to draw a picture of your head in the first frame. Time them, and make sure they stop after 60 seconds.
  • Then ask the student to choose another class member to draw a picture of them in in the second frame in only 30 seconds. Then this second student gets a third student to draw them, in 15 seconds.
  • Then, finally, the third student finds a fourth student to draw them in five seconds. Have all four students sit down.
  • Now, call on four different students to come to the board and stand in front of the four pictures, keeping their hands at their sides. Tell them that they can draw or erase any part of the picture in front of them but they will only have five seconds.
  • Tell them 'GO!'. When the five seconds are up, you will shout 'STOP!' and each student must move to the right, and the student at the right end, must move to the left side of the line.
  • Repeat about nine - ten times, then have everyone sit down.
  • And, finally, get everyone up to the front of the board. Tell them they are at an opening night of an art gallery. They should walk around, mingle, and discuss the works of art in the gallery.