A great activity for breaking the ice and allowing teachers and students to get to know each other quickly.



  • Draw a four, six or eight-point star on the board, depending on how much you want your students to know about you.
  • On each point of the star write something that is important for you, such as a date, name, number, likes/dislikes, etc. For example, I usually write Dave (my husband’s name), 31 (my age), 2+1 (I have two brothers and one sister), Thailand (my dream holiday) and so on.
  • Write these words down but don’t tell the students why they’re there. The students have to ask you questions and try to guess the meaning of what you’ve written. You can give points for those who guess correctly or set a time limit to make it more interesting.
  • When you have finished, put your students into pairs and ask them to do the same.