This is a great way to get your students talking. It can be used as revision or to introduce a topic.


  • Give out strips of paper, one for each student.
  • Then name a topic, e.g. 'Dreams', 'money', etc., and ask students to write a question related to the topic on the piece of paper. Give a short amount of time to do this.
  • Next, students stand up and move around asking their questions. When a pair have asked each other their questions, they swap questions, and move off to ask that question to a new partner, then swap again and so on. Set a time limit, or just let it run.
  • Don't worry about the questions being the same. Every time I have tried this, students always come up with different (and sometimes very unusual) questions.
  • If you want to 'spice' it up a bit, you can run two or more topics at a time. Sometimes I write the topic on the strip of paper.
  • You can join in too.
  • Students often notice grammar errors in others' questions, and correct them.

Hope you like this and it works for you.