A short, start of the lesson mingle activity.


  • Choose a song that you like and that the students might also appreciate. It works better with lively, happy tunes such as reggae.
  • In class make sure that you have lots of space for the students to walk around.
  • Explain that you'll play some music and when you stop they have to greet the person next to them by shaking their hands and introducing themselves (name, country, nationality, age, likes and dislikes, etc). 
  • Do this a few times adding new 'topics'; then add some variation and fun by asking them to greet each other in a different mood, for example 'greet each other happily' or 'sadly' or 'you don't like the person you're greeting' or 'he/she is your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend', 'you're in a bad mood', etc.

You can make this more complicated by changing the topics without warning or by asking the students to say the next word using the last letter of the last word said