There are numerous variations on this but one of the most effective is to prepare a series of two-line dialogues consisting of a statement (or a question) and a response.


  • Examples would be:

You’re looking a bit tired today!

Yes, I know. The baby was crying all night.


You haven’t seen John, have you?

Yes, he was in the cafeteria a few minutes ago.

  • These should be written on cards or slips of paper, cut up and one card or slip is then given to each member of the class. 
  • They are then asked to memorise their sentence. 
  • When the whole class is ready, ask them to leave their slips of paper on their desks and to mingle with the other students and find their partners. 

This activity can be used to recycle language and even to teach new expressions. It is very suitable for practising everyday conversation. It works better with larger classes but can be used with classes from 10 students upwards.

Tip: If you have an odd number in your class, take one of the cards yourself and join in.