Here is an exciting warmer for students which helps them to revise vocabulary learned in previous lessons.


  1. Select a list of words you have asked your students to remember (I usually choose 15 words) and write their definitions on a sheet of paper. You will use these definitions during the game.
  2. At the beginning of the lesson, ask your students to draw a bingo grid a piece of paper. The size of the bingo grid will need to reflect the number of words you have asked them to learn – (e.g. 15 words = 15 squares = 3 squares x 5 squares).
  3. Ask the students to write the words you have asked them to learn randomly inside the grid. Alternatively, you can give them a bingo grid which you have already filled with the words you wanted them to remember.
  4. Next, tell your students that you are going to read aloud the definitions of the words you have asked them to learn. Explain that when they have recognized six of these words on their personal grid they must shout 'bingo!'.
  5. The first student to shout 'bingo' who has successfully recognized and crossed out six words is the winner. Check the student’s answers by asking them to read aloud the six words they have crossed out.

This exercise could also work as a team activity with one grid per group of three or four students. The winning team wins a prize - they love it when I buy them a packet of toffees!