A short memory game about clothes on a washing line.



  • Write items of clothing on slips of paper - e.g. socks, shirt etc.
  • Ask your students to choose one and keep it secret.
  • For homework, ask them to find a picture of their clothing item.
  • In the next class, secretly collect the items in. 
  • Hang a washing line in class from one wall to the other.
  • Ask your students to guess items which might be on the line.
  • When they guess correctly, using clothes pegs, hang up the items one by one on the washing line.
  • Ask them to repeat the names of the items after you as you hang.
  • Repeat the words again and again.
  • Ask your students to close their eyes.
  • Take a few of the clothing items off the line and hide them.
  • Ask students to open their eyes. 
  • Ask them to find and write down the names of the missing items. Give them one minute to do this.
  • The first student to find all the missing items is THE WINNER!   

This activity is both useful and fun. I hope you enjoy it!!