An exercise that can be used either as an introduction to a vocabulary lesson based on clothes, colours and patterns or as revision of this area of language.


  • Ask the students to stand up and find a partner, preferably not the person they are sitting next to.
  • Then ask them to find some space in the room and stand facing their partner.
  • Ask them to study their partner carefully for a couple of minutes and to note, in particular, what they are wearing.
  • Then get them to turn round so that they are standing back-to-back with their partner. They should then tell the other student what he or she is wearing. They can change partners and repeat the exercise three or four times.

Tip: You will often find that this exercise throws up a number of new items of vocabulary, words that the students need to express but don’t yet know. Examples might be ‘striped’, ‘patterned’, ‘cotton’, ‘denim’ and so on.