A speaking and drawing game to review personal information vocabulary.



The aim of this activity is to review the verb to be + name,size, colour and age; has/hasn’t got; abilities, likes and dislikes.


1. Ask your students to think of a magical item they would like to have. This is an everyday item that has ‘come to life’.

2 Ask one of the students to start drawing their item on the board, slowly. The other students have to guess what is being drawn by asking yes/no questions, such as, Is it a flower? Is it a moon? The student who is drawing answers either Yes it is or No it isn’t.

3 The student who guesses correctly is the next to draw their magical item on the board.

 4 Before the next person starts to draw, however, the first student has to talk about their magical item. The should mention its name, size, colour, age, what it can and can’t do and its likes and dislikes. For example: This is a kite. Katy, the kite. It’s big. It’s blue and orange. It has got two eyes. It can fly and it can sing. It can dance but it can’t swim. It likes hamburgers but it doesn’t like hot dogs.

 5 For extra practice or for homework, students could draw pictures of their magical items and write about them.