Is the teacher telling the truth or lying?

Here is a warmer I have used that works well.


  • Write five sentences on the board about yourself. Make three of them true and two false (or vice versa).

I speak five languages.
I never learned how to ride a bike.
I have eaten snails.
I have been with my boy/girlfriend/husband/wife for XX years.
I once appeared on national television.

  • You can make a point of using structures or tenses etc that you have been working on recently. The students have to ask you as many questions as they can about the statements. You answer as if they are all true statements. When they have asked as much as possible, they decide individually which are true and which are false. You give them the real answers - who got them all correct?
  • As a follow-up they can also each write five sentences about themselves and then get into pairs or groups and repeat the interrogation. Have fun!