The idea for this activity came from an old game show. It is important to note that it can only be done at the very beginning of the first class in a new group. It is essential that the students do not know each other.



  • You need to choose three students of the same sex and approximately the same age. Amongst themselves, they choose one who is going to be the mystery guest.
  • They should be given a few minutes in private, so that the chosen student can tell the other two some of the most important points of his/her life (e.g. job, marital status, age, etc).
  • Now, you need to choose another student who should try to guess who the mysterious person really is.
  • The three students (person A, B and C) introduce themselves as the same person (one of them truly is that person and the other two pretend that they are).
  • The guesser then asks questions about the mysterious person and all three answer (they should stick to the same general info, but can improvise on details).
  • After e.g. ten questions, the guesser should try to conclude who sounded the most convincing and try to guess who the real person is.