Students find things they have in common.

Stage one

Elicit from students typical 'getting to know you' topics of conversation e.g. Country, family, job, hobbies and display on board. For lower levels you may want to display question prompts.

Stage two

Demonstrate the following activity with the students:

  1. Ask students to take a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle.
  2. Ask students to write their name in the middle of the circle.
  3. Ask students to find a partner. Tell students to draw another circle and write their partner’s name in the circle.
  4. Ask students to find out about their partner, using the suggested topics from the beginning.
  5. Ask students to make notes on each other in their circles. By the end of their conversations students should aim to have found at least one thing they have in common with their partners. This should be written along the line connecting their circles.
  6. This can take any format depending on the level e.g

we both love British pop music

neither of us has been to an English-speaking country yet

we are both from large families

we are both vegetarians

Stage three

At end of time limit, ask a couple of students to give feedback on their findings, to give struggling students more ideas.

Stage four

Students change partners and continue the activity - feedback at each stage is optional.


  • This can be used as a warmer initially and then as a time filler as the course continues until all the students have found connections with each other.
  • The results could be made into a 'class web' and displayed in the room to promote group dynamics.
  • Don't try to rush this - students can be reluctant to stop chatting once they get warmed up!


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