Short drama activity to review adverbs.


  • Prepare a series of cards with adverbs on them. 
  • These should be fairly easy to mime or demonstrate and can be varied in complexity according to the level of the class (e.g. from ‘slowly’ to ‘absent-mindedly’). 
  • Divide the class into groups of five-eight students and ask them to sit in circles. 
  • Give an adverb card to one member of each group and tell them not to show it to the other students. 
  • They then have to demonstrate the meaning of their word to the rest of the group.
  • The group can ask questions. They might say, for example: 'Can you walk like this?' or 'Can you read a book like this?' and the student with the card should mime accordingly. 
  • The activity continues until each student has had a turn.

Tip: Review all the vocabulary after the activity and check that everyone has understood.