A short picture dictation game.


Age: Adults

Level: Pre-intermediate - advanced

Time: 15 minutes

Objectives: To practise descriptive language and asking questions for clarification

Key skills: Speaking, listening

Materials: Paper, pens


1 Put students into groups of 4-6 people. Half the members are ‘speakers’ and the other half are ‘drawers’.

2 Give each group a picture – these can be printed from the internet or cut out from magazines.

3 The speakers have to speak in English and describe their picture to the drawers, without showing them the picture.

4 The drawers can use their English to ask questions for clarification, helping them to draw a more accurate picture.

5 The group which can draw the most accurate picture, wins.

Notes: This game is suitable for every level of students. Choose the pictures carefully: choose simpler pictures for lower-level learners and more complicated pictures for higher-level students. You may decide to teach certain vocabulary related to the picture before starting the game, so that students have the vocabulary they need in the game.