A good warmer to get students using their imagination


Age: Adults

Level: Pre-intermediate - advanced

Time: 10-15 minutes

Objectives: To use their imagination to discuss a picture in English

Key skills: Speaking, listening

Materials: board, pens, erasers


1 Draw four large rectangles on the board as ‘frames’.

2 Call on one student to come to the board and tell them they have 60 seconds to draw a picture of your head in the first frame. Ensure they stop after 60 seconds.

3 That student should then choose another student to draw a picture of the first student in the second frame, but this time they have only 30 seconds.

4 The second student then chooses a third student to draw them, but they only have 15 seconds.

5 Finally, the third student chooses a fourth student to draw in five seconds.

6 All four students then sit down

7 Now, call on four different students to come to the board and stand in front of each of the four pictures, keeping their hands at their sides. Tell them that when you say ‘GO!’ they can erase any part of the picture in front of them, but they only have five seconds. When the five seconds is up, shout ‘STOP!’ Repeat as you feel necessary.

8 Finally, get everyone up to the front of the board. Tell them they are at an opening night of an art gallery. They should walk around, mingle and discuss the ‘works of art’ in the gallery.