Students try to convince tourists to go to their country.


This activity works well with intermediate level classes and above. It is always good to get students competing!


1 Divide the class into two groups. Explain that one group are tourists, who want to go on vacation but still haven’t made up their mind about which country to go to. The other groups are representatives from different countries

2 Ensure that the country representatives each represent different countries.

3 Explain that the country representatives have to convince the tourists to choose their country to go on vacation. They should therefore choose a country they know some information about. If they have little information, they can either research the country or make it up/guess.

4 The tourists walk around the room speaking to all the country representatives.

5 After they have listened to everyone, the tourists should choose which country they want to go to. Each time a country is chosen, the student that represents that country could get a point/sticker/candy.