To recycle colours, clothes, introductions, age, abilities, likes, dislikes, set expressions (here you are, thank you, you're welcome).



  1. Give each child some cards and tell them they are going to design clothes. Give them the instructions. Tell them that you need three jackets: a blue one, a red one and an orange one. Then four pairs of trousers: brown, grey, purple and yellow. After that some sweaters – light blue, black, etc. As soon as they finish drawing, collect the cards and stick them on the board.
  2. Introduce Mr Lemon ( Mr Lemon is a lemon shape puppet - You can use modelling clay in order to make his eyes, nose and mouth).
  3. Mr Lemon looks sad. Talk as if you were Mr Lemon. Greet the kids, ask them for information about their names, age, abilities, likes, dislikes, and then start telling about your problem.
  4. “I´m very, very, very.................(kids will provide the answer “sad”). Yes, I'm very sad because today I have a birthday party and I don't know what to wear. Can you help me, please?
  5. Encourage kids to choose one of the different flashcards they had designed before and ask Mr Lemon if he likes it.
  6. Then, other students will go on offering different clothes items. Finally, Mr Lemon is happy (so you can change his mouth and put it upwards). He thanks the kids and leaves.
  7. The main character could be Mrs Apple, Miss Carrot, Betty, the banana,
    Cally the cat, Don the dog, etc. It depends on what you want to consolidate.


Student: Do you like blue jackets?
Mr Lemon: No, I don't. I like red jackets. (Kids will be working on listening comprehension, fluency, accuracy, vocabulary revision, readiness).
Student: Here you are.
Mr Lemon: Thank you.
Student: You're welcome.