Human Resources

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    Introduction to HR management

    This four-part series by David Baker on the subject of Human Resources contains lessons at two levels with step-by-step notes for teachers.

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    Selection and recruitment

    Students are introduced to the topic of selection and recruitment in this instalment of David Baker’s HR management series. Students read a text about the crucial role of recruitment and selection and listen to a conversation two colleagues from a Human Resources department about modern recruitment practices.

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    Business Skills Bank: Job Interviews

    Help your students improve on ther interview skills with this lesson by Jamie Keddie.

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    Performance assessment

    This lesson aims to present Human Resources (HR) vocabulary for performance assessment by means of a set of gap-fill articles.

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    Personal profile builder and CV builder

    This activity can be used with pre-service learners; learners who are looking for a new job and those who work in the recruitment area of HR. This profile can then be inserted into a complete CV which can be created using the CV Builder worksheet and lesson plan.

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    Business English in HR

    This article gives an overview of teaching English for human resource professionals. It is linked to a ‘think about’ task on planning a sequence of lessons.

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    Lesson Share: Business: Job interviews in English

    To provide university-level students with an opportunity to practise job interviews in English using discussion and role play.