New user and subscriber to the Staff Room, Isabelle Amrein, shares her experiences of using onestopenglish and outlines some ways in which she has used the site in her lessons.

"Let me introduce myself as a brand new member and fan of onestopenglish. I got to know the site while being an overseas student on a CELTA course at International House in London earlier this year and was immediately fascinated by the wealth of professional material and information it provides.

The layout is logical and easy to follow and, therefore, my lesson planning is more efficient in time and energy. As a result, I have more spare time left for my hobbies, family and circle of friends. Not only could I make use of onestopenglish while preparing lesson plans for my course, but it is now proving a vital help while trying to set up my own little business back home in Switzerland.

I check through the various contents on a regular basis, especially the gold key sections which contain great material and ideas to make my lessons more interesting, varied and engaging for the students. In particular, appropriate reading material - regarding the students’ level, ability, concentration span, interests and needs - is invaluable as it cannot always be found in course books.

While already planning for small conversation and grammar classes for autumn, I find onestopenglish an indispensible resource to turn to. I can rely on the site and use it as a kind of 'scaffolding' for my future lessons. Moreover, it ensures that my lessons stay crisp and I will not have to worry about finding new ideas and topics as I can fully rely on it to provide me with everything I need.

I am already looking forward to the next update!"