In times of school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team at onestopenglish recognise the continued importance of effective online teaching and learning with materials written and edited by an expert team of teachers and ELT professionals. This is why until the end of June 2020, all our resources are free to access.

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The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many teachers in the English Language Teaching community are being faced with new challenges. The team at onestopenglish believe it is imperative for us to offer our continued support in providing materials written and edited by a dedicated team of ELT professionals so we are opening up onestopenglish to the world and making all of our resources free until the end of June 2020.

In our position as the world’s number one resource site for English Language teachers, we have over 9,000 resources available which include lesson plans, worksheets, flashcards, and audio and video files. We have resources to supplement your coursebooks, including some written by world-renowned authors. We have resources to help you get the most out of your teaching, including a large methodology section. With so much to choose from and under increasing pressures, it may be difficult to know where to start.

This is why we would like to highlight some materials that we believe may be of particular support.

How to teach online

All of the teachers in our onestopenglish community are practised experts at using online resources to support their teaching. However, if you are new to the site, you may also be new to the idea of online teaching. The following articles will give you a number of practical tips and downloadable lesson plans for teaching online. They have been updated and taken from our Tech Tools for Teachers and Tech tasks for the Class series.

Teaching Young Children

Our Magic Cat series of animated song videos and resources for beginner-level young learners is highly popular with teachers of young children. These two lessons in particular lend themselves well to online teaching.

A song video and related lesson resources on the topic of introductions, for beginner-level young learners.

A song video and related lesson resources that introduce times of the day, for beginner-level young learners.

Teaching Teenagers

Our Spot On series contains lessons written especially for teenagers studying English including worksheets and activities edited to three levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. These three lessons work very effectively for online teaching.

This Spot on news lesson features an interview with Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, who talks about growing up as the famous boy wizard.

This Spot on news lesson looks at the issue of single-sex education - do boys and girls learn better when they are in different schools?

In this Spot on news lesson, we meet young people who tell us about their jobs and how they couldn’t do them without speaking English

Using onestopenglish resources

Our resources are designed to be used by a worldwide variety of teachers in a large range of teaching contexts. For this reason, they are written for a global audience without a focus on a specific context or a specific time. Our publishing follows a standard publishing process of commissioning, drafting, editing, and publishing content. Therefore, these lessons are meant to be “timeless” rather than “timely”.

In order to protect the intellectual property of the authors of onestopenglish when sharing onestopenglish resources in an online environment, such as via email or via another platform, we would ask you to always acknowledge the source of the PDFs and only use the original PDFs without any alterations. 

If you need any assistance or ideas on how to use our materials in an online environment, please let us know. All of us at the onestopenglish team will continue to support you by producing materials for these challenging times.