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    Whether the weather is good ...

    Whether the weather is good … or bad, this worksheet and sentence making challenge will keep students interested. Topics covered are weather, temperature, and climate, with a focus on the four seasons.

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    Three Capital Cities

    In this lesson plan, students explore three European capital cities – Copenhagen, Lisbon and Prague – to learn about their history and famous landmarks. Working in groups, students match photographs and descriptions to the correct city, and read texts to match meanings to the appropriate word. Students can extend their ...

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    The Weather

    In this lesson plan, students match basic weather adjectives with their pictorial depictions, before categorising more subject-specific terminology such as ‘cumulus’, ‘vapour’ and ‘gale’. Students identify these terms in a series of short reading texts and complete a true/false quiz. An extra activity in the teacher’s notes focuses on weather ...

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    Spider's fear for the future

    In this lesson plan, students ask a partner questions to complete a text about an environmentalist’s concerns. This helps students to practise several verb tenses and question forms.

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    What is the longest river in Europe? Which river contains the most water? What are tributaries? In this lesson plan, students work in groups and pairs to read and answer questions, as well as to label a diagram and learn about the course of a river. They also use recommended ...

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    Renewable Energy Technologies

    In this lesson plan, students read about four sources of renewable energy and discuss which they would invest in.

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    Once visited, never forgotten

    This reading quiz about Ireland helps students practise their reading skills and learn new vocabulary.

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    Hotter and hotter

    In this group activity, students discuss the climate and brainstorm ways to prevent global warming.

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    Countries of Africa

    In this activity, students use the comparative and superlative forms to help their partner guess the appropriate African countries.

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    Comparing capitals

    In this lesson plan, students work in pairs to compare capital cities London, England and Tallinn, Estonia.

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    Spot the Ecological Difference

    In this ecological information exchange activity, students ask and answer questions about their pictures of a busy street scene. Vocabulary provided includes: traffic, trees, pure water, solar power and clean air. Includes focused practice of there is/there are and many/much/a lot of.

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    Environment: Integrated Skills CLIL Lesson plan

    In this lesson plan, students learn about important environmental issues: recycling in the UK, saving water in the garden and pollution. A collaborative project asks students to prepare a presentation on pollution. Useful phrases, tips for effective reading and writing and vocabulary builder activities are also included. The listening exercise ...

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    Cause and effect: Geography

    Keith Kelly looks at examples of the language of cause and effect from the area of geography, covering verb phrases, noun phrases and connectors, such as adverbs and conjunctions.

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    The Earth: Air and water

    A lesson plan to teach pupils about the Earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere.

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    Weather symbols

    This worksheet will reinforce pupils’ familiarity with common weather symbols and strengthen their ability to discuss the weather. Among the activities: pupils match weather symbols to the appropriate adjective and describe the weather in their own town. The teacher’s notes include suggestions for classroom activities to further enhance pupils’ understanding ...

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    Weather crossword

    A lesson plan where students fit the nine words into the puzzle to learn about thunder, hail and other weather events.

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    The four seasons

    In this lesson plan, pupils assemble a cut-out to revise the seasons and weather vocabulary.

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    A worksheet and lesson plan on the rain cycle and main properties of water.

  • Photo to illustrate the water cycle.

    The water cycle

    This lesson plan uses pictures and activities to teach the stages of the water cycle and related vocabulary words.

  • Photo of different weathers or seasons. If it's too hard to have one with more than one season, than just a photo of one season or one type of weather.

    The Weather And The Four Seasons

    A lesson plan for pupils to use the present continuous to describe the weather and practise vocabulary for the months, the seasons and clothes.