Celebrate love & friendship with your students using this fun and engaging activity.


  1. Tell students they will prepare a surprise for a classmate.
  2. Hand out a copy to each student and ask them to cut out each piece on the dotted line. If your students are too young to use scissors themselves, cut the pieces in advance and give a set to each student.
  3. Ask students to colour each piece.
  4. Students should paste the rectangles on the heart (without the face) to look like arms and legs. Then, paste the other heart (with the face) on top. Leave a space open so it can be filled with treats.
  5. Ask students to choose a classmate they want to give the surprise to, or assign each of your students a classmate, so no one is left without a surprise. 
  6. Elicit some positive descriptive adjectives and write them on the board. Focus on the ones that may describe people’s actions and personalities rather than physical traits (kind, polite, friendly, fun, etc.,)
  7. Ask them to write the adjectives that best describe their classmate on small strips of coloured paper and put them inside the heart they made, and fill it up with small candies or treats.
  8. Once the heart is full, help students paste the rest of the pieces to close it.

They are ready to give their hearts!


If time allows…

  • Sit the class in a circle. Ask each student to stand up and try to remember the kind words they put into their heart.
  • Ask students to give their kind surprise to the chosen classmate.
  • You could ask the class to add a positive reinforcement: ”Thanks, Ana, for being kind to others!”






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