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    Beyond: Knowledge: Numbers

    In this two-part lesson, students match numbers with pictures, find numbers in the classroom, play a numbers game and complete a ’fill a head with numbers’ fact sheet.

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    Farming in Britain

    Students match agricultural terms with their definitions before reading about or listening to a British farmer and his son talk about the differences between farming now and in 1950.

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    Recent trends and patterns in Western European tourism

    Through listening to or reading an interview, students learn about some of the reasons behind the recent changes in the way Western Europeans travel.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: History

    In this two-part lesson, students read about how Hollywood changes history, discuss historical quotes, do a historical fact quiz and write a fact sheet.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: The brain

    In this three-part lesson, students do a quiz about the human brain and test their memories, discover which side of their brain is dominant and find out about Albert Einstein.

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    Lesson Share: Macmillan Life Skills: Study Skills – Short answer questions

    In this Macmillan Life Skills lesson, students become experts on obscure topics and practice skimming to find answers to questions their classmates have written developing the following life skills: analysing and extracting key information, evaluating content of a reply or argument, and time management.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: Dictionaries

    In this lesson, students complete an information-gap activity about Samuel Johnson’s famous dictionary, learn how to be better dictionary users, identify parts of speech and compete in a dictionary quiz.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: Geography

    In this lesson, students identify flags, create a world flag, play a team board game and complete a geography quiz.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: Learning

    In this lesson, students complete a questionnaire to find out about their learning style, work in groups to write suggestions on how to improve their learning and discover the history of encyclopaedias.

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    Beyond: Knowledge: Classrooms

    In this lesson, students practise describing and comparing classrooms, design their dream classroom, evaluate and discuss school subjects and revise useful classroom language.

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    Beyond on onestopenglish

    Your teenage students will love using this fantastic series of British English lessons prepared by Karen Kovacs.

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    Tech Tools for Teachers: Social Questionnaires

    Nik Peachey explores social questionnaires and how we can use them to create motivating classroom and homework tasks.

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    Live from London: The monarchy

    In the weeks leading up to Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, onestopenglish’s reporters took a trip to St James’s Park, in the shadow of Buckingham Palace, to ask locals and tourists for their opinion on the British royal family.

  • Photo of baby animals, e.g.:   lion cubs, puppies, etc.

    Top Trumps: Baby animals

    Baby animals is a cute, fun Top Trumps game for primary and lower secondary children learning English. Download the full pack of cards in our special cut-out-and-keep format now and take a look at FOUR accompanying lesson plans.

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    CLIL History: The Middle Ages

    Check out this engaging Question Loop activity associated with the Middle Ages.

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    Classical architecture vocabulary

    This series of exercises teaches fundamental architectural terms, from ‘cornice’ to ‘pedestal’, and details the origin and distinguishing features of the five Classical orders. Students label a diagram, match terms to their definitions, and identify the correct architectural order using a text description and an illustration.

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    Mathematics vocabulary

    What is a prime number? How does one calculate the area of a circle? Is a rectangle a regular or irregular polygon? Enable students to discuss maths in English with this reference sheet, which provides definitions, examples and illustrations of more than 25 important mathematic terms and concepts. In the ...

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    History vocabulary

    Reinforce students’ knowledge of the Middle Ages while expanding their vocabulary. Students complete a timeline tracing the key events of the period, from the rise and fall of the Ostrogoths to the advent of the Holy Roman Empire and the spread of the plague. They then translate and match words ...

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    Computer vocabulary

    For many students today, life before the personal computer is hard to imagine. Teach them vocabulary words related to the now ubiquitous technology through this series of exercises. Students translate computer terminology into their own language, identify computer components and icons, and complete sentences with useful terms such as ‘download’ ...

  • Photo of extreme weather (thunderstorm, blizzard, etc.)

    Weather and Climate

    Over two hundred weather and climate words from ‘affect’ to ‘wispy’! Definitions and contextual sentences in clear English provide a very useful record of essential vocabulary for you and your students.