Students practise language concerning the relationship between solicitors and barristers in the British legal system.

The classification of lawyers into barristers and solicitors is often viewed as a very strange and unnecessary development. :This lesson looks at the differences between the two professions - their roles and their responsibilities - and specific vocabulary relevant to them.

Aim: To practise the skills of:

  • Prediction – about the differences between barristers and solicitors
  • Reading for specific information – to check predictions and understand the differences between barristers and solicitors and to understand the construction of a text and paragraph order.
  • inferring meaning of words from context
  • Discussion - based on information and opinion

Level: Upper intermediate to advanced

Student profile: It is envisaged that students will be studying law, will be trainees or qualified lawyers.

Time needed: The lesson is in 5 stages and should take 60-90 minutes


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