Students practise a range of different skills in relation to agencies.

Aim: To practise the skills of:

  • guessing the meaning of specific vocabulary items related to the law of agency
  • reading and understanding information about the differences between the various types of agencies
  • using the information (including selected cases) to give legal advice about examples
  • analysing the roles and duties of an agent and principal
  • optional – writing a letter of advice


  • there is a chart at the end of these notes which you might find useful to give to students to show the relationship between the Principal, the Agent and a Third Party
  • this is quite a complex area of law and the chart format in Stage 2 is to simplify it without reading large amounts of text

Level: Upper intermediate and above

Student profile: It is envisaged that students will have a better than basic knowledge of their own country’s legal and constitutional system.

Time: The lesson in 5 stages and should take at least 90 minutes.


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