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    Money and banks

    Students examine different types of currency, examining the advantages and disadvantages of bartering for goods, ‘commodity money’ such as gold or salt and ‘fiat money’, such as coins and notes. They read about what services banks offer, why we use them and how they make money. Listening exercises focus on ...

  • Photo of employers and employees together or photo of people working, in a factory or in a farm for example, to illustarte the concept of 'labour'.


    Focuses on the relationship between employers and workers, how laws of supply and demand operate in the labour market and companies’ need for ‘output’.

  • Photo to illustrate the concept of 'economy'.

    Economic systems

    The class is introduced to the notion of a ’traditional’ or ’subsistence’ economy, looking at its benefits and drawbacks. Students learn about the market economy, comparing free market economies to an actual street market. Listening exercises focus on pygmy societies, in particular the Mbuti tribe of central Africa, and Adam ...