Add a bit of drama into your class with a new series of drama guides on Macmillan Young Learners.

Drama in the classroom

Drama is so much more than acting in a play or doing a role-play in class – it is part of our daily lives, especially as educators. Has a child in your class ever pulled a face when asked to do an activity that they don’t like? Have you ever mimed the meaning of a new word? You may not have thought about it before, but your classroom is already full of drama.

Take a look at our new series of drama guides to help you use your students’ natural acting abilities and help them to take control of their language learning and development. These guides have been developed specifically for you to bring drama activities into the classroom, everything from short role-plays to longer project-inspired tasks, even putting on a whole school play.

The guides have all been written using material from the Macmillan English Explorers and the Macmillan Children’s Readers. Find out more about all of our young readers at Macmillan Young Learners.

We will be releasing a new guide each month, so keep checking back to build up your comprehensive guide to Drama in the Young Learner classroom.