• Festival Worksheets: Valentine's Day

    Festival Worksheets: Valentine's Day

    Get students ready for Valentine’s Day with these fun activities!

  • Grandfather, father, and son spending time together.

    Festival Worksheets: Father’s Day

    Get students ready for Father’s Day with these lovely activities!

  • Festival Worksheets — Mother's Day

    Festival Worksheets: Mother’s Day

    Get students ready for Mother’s Day with these lovely activities!

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    Festival Worksheets: Halloween

    Ignite your students’ Halloween spirit with these thrilling activities!

  • Photo of Carnival characters or photo of children wearing Carnival costumes.


    This lesson plan inspires creativity while consolidating important verbs such as ‘sing’, dance’ and ‘wear’. Students match phrases to pictures, learn a fun rhyme, and draw and describe a Carnival costume.

  • Photo of Nevruz celebrations, in either Turkey or Iran. If too hard to find, photo of Turkish or Iran landscape.


    A lesson plan to introduce young learners to this festival, celebrated in Turkey and Iran to mark the beginning of spring. Pupils match sentence halves and identify the corresponding picture to learn about the traditions associated with this holiday, from painting eggs to (don’t try this at home) jumping over ...

  • Photo of Diwali celebrations.


    This lesson introduces the Hindu ‘Festival of Lights’ through arts and crafts. Pupils draw and colour rangolis and create a Diwali lantern.

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    New Year

    What do you do on New Year’s Eve? Do you watch fireworks? Do you make a resolution? In this lesson plan, young learners label pictures, circle the correct words to describe their New Year celebrations, and draw and label their favourite New Year’s Eve activity, while practising sentence formation and ...

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    In this lesson plan, young learners match Christmas words such as ‘mistletoe’ and ‘candles’ to pictures, decorate and describe a Christmas tree, and create their own Advent calendar to count down to Christmas. The activities teach about the holiday’s traditions while consolidating the singular and plural forms of the verb ’be’.

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    Summer solstice

    In this lesson plan, pupils match sentence halves, number a series of pictures and identify words hidden in a picture to describe the ways people celebrate the longest day of the year. The worksheet includes fun colouring and drawing exercises and helps pupils practise forming sentences and reading aloud.

  • Halloween Jack O' Lantern


    Trick or treat! This is a lesson plan to teach pupils about the costumes and traditions associated with this ‘ghoulish’ festival, popular in many English-speaking countries, while reinforcing the present continuous. Pupils solve riddles to guess the Halloween character, draw and describe a Halloween costume, and use patterns to create ...