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  • Photo of Pablo Picasso.


    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about influential artist Pablo Picasso while consolidating key art vocabulary.

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    Meal times and bedtime

    Pupils match activities to the appropriate time of day in this fun arts and craft exercise.

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    In this lesson plan, pupils add primary colours to determine the resulting secondary and tertiary colours and use a numbered key to colour a picture. Teacher’s notes include suggested warm up activities to relate the lesson to students’ own experiences with colour, as well as additional project ideas.

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    An obstacle course

    In this lesson plan, pupils create an obstacle course using cut-outs to practise ‘over’, ‘through’ and other prepositions of movement.

  • Photo of cut-outs of shapes.

    A shape exhibition

    A great lesson plan that uses coloured pencils and cut-outs to introduce or review shapes.

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    Live from London: The economy

    Onestopenglish visits the Houses of Parliament to find out whether locals and tourists are worried about the world's economic situation.

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    Experiments: 3D shadows

    In this experiment, pupils learn how to produce the illusion of a 3D shadow using two different coloured light sources and colour-filtered glasses. Matching and gap-fill activities help students revise related vocabulary and prepositional phrases. Students then discuss the outcome of the experiment with a partner and write a report ...

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    Live from London: Art

    We went to Trafalgar Square to find out what tourists and visitors of the National Gallery had to say about art.

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    The Turner Prize

    A worksheet with reading and vocabulary activities on the topic of modern art and the history of the Turner Prize.

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    Experiments: Gone with a bang

    In this experiment, students make a banger and use this to learn how energy can be released and turned into sound waves. The accompanying activities practise reading instructions and linking words. Key vocabulary and practical teacher's notes are included.

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    Experiments: 360-degree periscope

    In this experiment, students build a periscope and explore the effects of mirrors on the passage of light. The accompanying activities practise preposition phrases and writing a scientific report. Students predict the results of the experiment using future tense. Key vocabulary and practical teacher’s notes are included.

  • Art in classroom

    Using art in the classroom

    A series of articles by Jamie Keddie containing lesson plans, teaching tips, and suggestions for using art in the classroom. 

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    Selections Grade 3: Picture perfect

    Encourage your young learners to talk about their favourite art with this lesson by Adrian Tennant.

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    Live from London: News

    The onestopenglish reporters are back in London, asking locals and visitors questions about their daily lives. We went to Covent Garden and asked people about the news.

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    Live from London: Music

    The onestopenglish reporters are back in London, asking locals and visitors questions about their daily lives. We went to Covent Garden and asked people about the importance of music in their lives.

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    Live from London: New Year

    This is the second of our two Live from London 'Christmas specials'. We went to the South Bank and asked people about their resolutions for the new year.

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    Live from London: Christmas audio special

    This is the first of two 'Christmas special' Live from London podcasts. We went to Covent Garden and asked people the question: "What's a typical Christmas for you?"

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    Live from London: Living in London

    In this listening lesson we went out in King's Cross, north London to ask people the question: "How do you feel about Living in London?".

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    Live from London: Smoking ban

    We went to Euston station and asked people what they thought of the new smoking ban in the UK.

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    Live from London: Learning English

    In this authentic listening podcast, we asked students and teachers what the most difficult thing about learning English is.