Get your students talking about food, cuisine, or eating out with these handy materials.

Communicative Language Activities: Food


This Communicative Language set contains two worksheets. You can use both, or just one as you please. Here are some ideas on how to use these handy resources!

Vocabulary brainstorm

  • Use the vocabulary mind map to brainstorm vocabulary and phrases related to food.
  • Print and give out a copy of the worksheet to each student.
  • Ask students to work in pairs or groups and brainstorm phrases that fit into each section. Tell them that if they do not know a word or a phrase, they can pencil it in in their first language and you’ll go over them together as a class.
  • If you want to speed up this stage, you can assign one section of the worksheet to each pair.
  • Then, go over the vocabulary as a class.


What we ate last night


  • Print and cut out at least two sets of the images. Remember to cut the pictures in half.
  • Give each student a half of an image. Remind them not to show their photo to anyone else.
  • Students mingle and tell each other what they ate last night based on the image.
  • They go around until they find the match of who had the same food.
  • When they find their pair, they sit down and discuss the dish / meal: Do they like the way it looks? Would they try it? Do they know places where they could eat a dish like this? Etc.
  • Have a whole class feedback.




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