Keith Kelly provides a comprehensive lesson plan focusing on both content and language, accompanied by a useful word list highlighting language used in core function areas of different subjects. These lesson plans and word lists are the result of analysis into the language of the content subjects: geography, biology, chemistry and physics.

Phot of the CLIL logo or of a OSE lesson plan.

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Each lesson plan contains step-by-step teacher’s notes, and student worksheets divided into content- and language-focused activities. The first instalment in this reinvigorated series is Roots: Geography, which is available to all onestopenglish users.

Available word lists

The functional language areas in geography and science that we have covered so far include:

  • making comparisons
  • describing cause and effect
  • classifying and grouping
  • describing a process
  • hypothesizing
  • measuring and talking about numbers

The aim of the word list is twofold: on the one hand, we hope to provide one-page summaries of key functional language for the content teacher to use as reference material and, on the other hand, the materials provide a wealth of information for the language teacher alongside content teaching colleagues working through the medium of English.

In short, Your CLIL can help you integrate what goes on in the language classroom with work in the content classroom.