Keith Kelly looks at examples of the language of classification in geography, covering structures such as verb phrases, noun phrases and linking phrases.

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verb phrases

to classify: Stone Age people are classified as Paleolithic, Mesolithic or Neolithic.
may be classified: The causes of erosion may be classified into two groups: natural erosion and erosion caused by people.

to divide: Geologists divide moraine into three main types: lateral moraine, medial moraine and terminal moraine.
be divided/subdivided into: Deposits include boulders, gravels, sands and clays, and may be subdivided into till and fluvioglacial material. (Note: groups can be subdivided or placed into subcategories)

to belong to: Name the countries and say whether they belong to industrialized, newly industrialized or industrially emergent regions.

to be associated with: Name some of the major features commonly associated with volcanic activity. (Note the adverb commonly used here to mean normally or under normal circumstances)

noun phrases

kinds: Ascending and descending air produce different kinds of weather such as hail, snow and frost. (note the phrase such as for giving the examples)

types: There are two types of weathering: mechanical and chemical. (note the colon followed by the two examples)

forms: Different forms of plant litter such as dead plants and leaves decay to form humus.

classes: An earthquake releases two classes of seismic waves: body waves and surface waves. Body waves are in turn subdivided into fastest waves and slower waves. (Note the phrase ’are in turn’ which here means ’also’)

categories: Materials that build up to form a delta are classified into three categories: fine particles, coarser materials, sediments of various sizes.

criteria: Explain the criteria that define different areas as distinctive cultural regions.

linking phrases

according to: Soils are usually classified according to climate types that form them.

in terms of: Nucleated settlements can be classified in terms of the services they provide.

as regards: As regards Stone Age people, we now classify populations into Paleolithic, Mesolithic or Neolithic.

with regard to: Classify the towns with regard to their population size.


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