Play & Learn

dice representing body parts

Play & Learn: Body Mirror

Roll the dice and have fun! Have your students review body-part vocabulary while playing.

Play & Learn: Crazy Eyes

Play & Learn: Crazy Eyes

Have your students follow directions while they review the parts of the face with this fun game!


Play & Learn: Hit the Word!

Help your students practise vocabulary and listening skills through movement.

Play & Learn: Jumping Colors

Play & Learn: Jumping Colours

Jump and practise listening and speaking skills with this colourful game!

Play & Learn: Laundry Day—Index

Play & Learn: Laundry Day

Engage your young learners in a fun activity to review and practice their clothes vocabulary.

Play & Learn: Magic Thread—Index

Play & Learn: Magic Thread

Challenge your students’ motor skills with this magic vocabulary activity.

Illustration of a child's bedroom

Play & Learn: Memory Scenes

Have your students enjoy this great opportunity to practise memory and vocabulary with visual and semantic support.

Play & Learn: Rhyme and mime

Play & Learn: Rhyme and mime

Help your students identify rhyming sounds and words with this engaging game.

Play & Learn: Shaking Colors

Play & Learn: Shaking Colors

Spin the wheel to boost your students’ vocabulary and listening skills.

Cut up doll

Play & Learn: The Mirror House

Introduce self-esteem and body awareness with this vocabulary activity. 

Illustrated face showing surprise

Play & Learn: What Makes You Feel…?

Give your students a safe space to talk about their emotions while practising English.

wheel with activities for kids

Play & Learn: Words with Rhythm

Challenging vocabulary? Pick up a card, chant. and have students the words with rhythm.