A lesson to help review and practise language for leading and participating in meetings.

Level: Pre-intermediate to advanced, pre-experience and experienced learners

Age: Young adults and adults

Equipment: Audio-recording device

Materials: Make one copy each of Language for leading meetings (Worksheet 3) and Participating in meetings language review (Worksheet 4) for each student and a copy of the Leading meetings functions suggestions sheet (Worksheet 3A) for yourself if it would be useful as a prompt for phrases used in meetings.

Supplementary materials: A Meetings vocabulary builder template (Supplementary worksheet 1) (for each student) and a copy of suggested meetings vocabulary (Supplementary worksheet 2) can be found in the Supplementary Worksheets file for this series. Some language suggestions sheets for leading and participating in meetings can be found in 'Preparing for a first meeting - Language sheets' in 'Business skills bank: Preparing for a first meeting: Part 1'.