Arts and Crafts

  • Photo of two and three dimensional shapes, e.g.: triangle, square, cube, etc.

    Shapes and colours

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn to distinguish between two- and three- dimensional shapes, and recognise these shapes in their immediate surroundings by matching and counting. Includes project ideas.

  • Photo of cut-outs of shapes.

    A shape exhibition

    A great lesson plan that uses coloured pencils and cut-outs to introduce or review shapes.

  • Photo of Pablo Picasso.


    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about influential artist Pablo Picasso while consolidating key art vocabulary.

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    Where is it?

    In this lesson plan, pupils create a mini-book while practising prepositions of place, including ’on’ and ’under’.

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    What shops are there in your town?

    This lesson plan teaches the names of shops as well as ‘there is’ and ‘there are’.

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    What are you doing?

    This lesson plan reviews the present continuous tense and key verbs expressing day-to-day activities.

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    A lesson plan with colouring and cut-out activities to teach the names of different sports.

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    The clothes line

    In this lesson plan, pupils practise clothing vocabulary by creating a model clothes line.

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    Meal times and bedtime

    Pupils match activities to the appropriate time of day in this fun arts and craft exercise.

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    In this lesson plan, pupils add primary colours to determine the resulting secondary and tertiary colours and use a numbered key to colour a picture. Teacher’s notes include suggested warm up activities to relate the lesson to students’ own experiences with colour, as well as additional project ideas.

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    An obstacle course

    In this lesson plan, pupils create an obstacle course using cut-outs to practise ‘over’, ‘through’ and other prepositions of movement.